September 20, 2017

About Parallel Innovation Labs (PI Labs)

About Us

PI Labs is a non-profit, 501(3)(c) organization created to build educational and laboratory infrastructure to have a rich, science and tech ecosystem in southern Nevada.  A major goal of PI labs is to construct a community-based science and technology incubator that will provide core laboratory space, technology, and mentoring for early-stage companies, entrepreneurs, and scientists. In addition, PI Labs seeks to build educational and networking opportunities to fuel synergistic collaborations and facilitate greater support and interest in the science and tech industries.


To foster the growth of science and technology businesses that transform knowledge and new ideas into useful products and services that enrich human lives, spur economic development, and advance science and technology.

Central to that mission, the proposed science and technology incubator will provide a fertile environment for the growth and evolution of start-up businesses by providing state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, core services, equipment, and office space to enable entrepreneurs to transform their innovations into dynamic businesses.


The main activities for Parallel Innovation Labs are:

  • Establishing science and technology incubator space for emerging businesses
  • Creating networking and partnership opportunities for biotechnology and health care businesses through monthly SciTech Meetups
  • Connecting science and technology entrepreneurs, investors, business trailblazers, and community through the new SciTech Hookup

The Need and Potential

In Southern Nevada, there are few commercial laboratories and no lab-based incubator facilities.  Scientists and other innovators who want to commercialize discoveries have to leave the region to build their companies, often to California, Arizona, Utah, and even Texas.  These states have invested millions into incubator facilities and other programs geared toward recruiting and growing companies in this sector.  Nevada has not.

PI Labs plans to build and operate a facility with combined laboratory and office space to foster the growth of science and technology companies in the region.

The vision is to create affordable lab space without IP restriction, and offer critical core facilities to enable and foster technology development. This will encourage talented scientists, engineers, and other innovators to build and develop businesses in Southern Nevada.

The Benefit

Besides the obvious benefit to the start-up companies, growth of the science and technology business in Southern Nevada helps everyone in the region through economic diversification, increased tax base, and greater employment opportunities. Most importantly, having the infrastructure for new businesses to launch provides exciting synergies and collaboration opportunities with the region’s existing science and technology companies.

Planned/Proposed Initiatives

  • PI Labs Incubator Facility
  • Facilitate lab and technology training programs with workforce development agencies and education
  • Business counseling/mentoring with public and private partners
  • Build business relationships and mentoring opportunities through monthy SciTech Meetup events
  • Convene, collaborate, and cultivate the broader science and technology industries in Southern Nevada through the annual SciTech Hookup, the third of which will be held on Thursday October 30th, 2014.

Get Involved

PI Labs is looking for strategic private and public partners with the desire and skills to build our community’s science and technology business development infrastructure. Founding member sponsors and volunteers will be critical to these efforts.

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